Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For The Record

I am very skeptical of people who claim that they "loved every second of their pregnancy." My theory is that after you give birth, you are so enchanted by your baby that you forget about all the discomfort of being 1.5x your normal size and remember your pregnancy with rose colored glasses. So I figured that now is the time to put this in writing: being pregnant is a huge pain in the ass. Please let the record show this, so that in 2 months when I start babbling about how magical and beautiful pregnancy was, you can all laugh in my faces.

In other news, we are house hunting. We are looking at houses, condos and townhouses in all kinds of neighborhoods in and around DC. We'll probably pick one soon because we are running out of time, and there are several good options.

Also, the weather is awesome! I've never lived this far south, and its everything I hoped, including those occasional crazy thunderstorms that sound like the apocalypse.

Gautam and I are getting very impatient to meet our baby. I am also looking forward to being able to lie on my belly, sit in a chair for more than 5 minutes without crazy pelvis pain, and being able to roll over in bed without swearing like a sailor. It would also be awesome to get in and out of the car without having Gautam pull me with both his hands - that's getting a bit old.

This past weekend was the world's best baby shower, hosted by the most-awesome Shilpi, Richa, Winna and Mom! People came from far and wide, and there was some hella creative onsie painting going on in the backyard. Check out the pictures Deb and Winna took!

If you want updates about the baby's pop-out status, make sure you are mine and Gautam's facebook friend. One of us will probably make some updates there when appropriate.



Sarah said...

I think it's because being massive and not being able to roll over in bed seems like no big deal after a few weeks of severe sleep deprivation and catering to the super needy newborn!! (And, of course, some of that cute/love stuff, too.)

Can't wait to meet Baby J!

steve goodman said...