Monday, March 16, 2009

Goals for the Seattle Trip

Gautam and I will be in Seattle from 3/19-3/26. I was starting to give up hope that we would make it out there before my immobility sets in, but I'm so excited that we're going to make it happen! Here are the goals:

1) Get our condo renovation underway. Hire the contractor, order everything we need (cabinets, counters, floors, appliances), and watch over at least the first few days of construction so that we feel comfortable leaving the contractors in charge. (We're splitting it into 2 condos, then upgrading the downstairs one to be fully functional).

2) See all my peeps. I don't know if I have to set some kind of schedule to see everyone? I haven't had a chance to really talk to most of y'all yet - but if you've got specific times that you can hang out, hit me up. If not, call/text/e-mail us while we're there, and we'll meet up! Also, we will hopefully get to meet Stella Hill-Stach for the first time, which is very exciting.

3) Eat as many Habanero Chicken Sandwiches from Saley as possible. Is 2/day unreasonable?

4) Go to Faire multiple times, and make up for the wine I can't drink in cupcakes. (and maybe a glass of wine too...)

5) Check out the awesome new businesses my friends have launched since we left! Can't wait to see Lucid and Calla Bridal in person.

6) See what Alexis thinks about chopping off all my hair, and then getting her to do it (or give me more a moderate haircut if she thinks its a terrible idea).

7) Retrieve our Jamglue development server, that has been sitting at the Baird-Liang household for the past 6 months.

Am I forgetting anything?


The General said...

Habenero Chicken Sandwiches?! Why have I not heard of these before? Must try!

Oh, and when you are in town, just give us a ring, and we will be happy to introduce you to Stella.

Greg Pfeil said...

You must also eat two Saley sandwiches each day for me. Now you're eating for three!

Man, I miss that place.