Thursday, March 5, 2009

Request for Activities

Ok here is my issue.

Every night after I eat dinner, I end up getting really bored and getting into bed within 1-2 hours. This is very bad, especially since being "in a family way" creates some heartburn issues. I would like to find some interesting way to fill up 3-4 hours after dinner before I lie down. Here are my constraints:

1) I'd rather not be at the computer. I'm already maxing out the number of hours I can sit with my computer without ending up with back and shoulder issues.

2) Exercise is tough on a full stomach. And I'm generally getting all the exercise I can handle in the afternoons/evenings (swimming, yoga, etc.).

3) By default, I have been watching TV or movies. This works for 60-90 minutes. Still leaves me with a few hours of default down time. And I don't even like movies that much, so this is just a placeholder.

4) Reading at night makes me really sleepy. So if reading is part of this plan, it should only be for the last 30 minutes or so.

5) Would be cool if this activity included Gautam, but not critical. He can always drink a beer and catch up on Colbert on the DVR without getting restless.

For awhile, we were playing lots of Wii, but my roommates seem to have lost interest, and I don't think its very fun to play alone.

I like the idea of doing some kind of project or doing something creative. I shy away from crafts because I don't want to end up with a bunch of crap at the end, but maybe there are ways around this. Baking is a bad idea because I have the appetite of a cyclops right now, and certainly don't need all those empty calories.

I think the weather will start getting nicer and the days will start getting longer soon. I suppose then I can start taking some kind of constitutional or sitting on the porch swing. Might as well apply for my AARP card while I'm at it.

Ahh - those hours were much easier to while away when I could pour myself a glass of wine and plop down on my belly and gawk at real-estate on my laptop. Or head down to Faire and watch some free Jazz and chat with whoever was around. Those were the days.


The General said...


Sarah and I are dorks and play dominos or boardgames when we want a break from TV and movies. Let me know if you want suggestions.

shilpi said...

oh div! now i know... i will be thinking of activities to fill your evening hours. hopefully will be able to move beyond thinking to doing. i'm on it.

sdf said...


This post gives me extreme envy!! Jason and I have essentially no time to ourselves, so hobbies are so far in our past it is hard to remember them. How about writing letters to your child about your thoughts and feelings during the pregnancy? Or two-player games with Gautam? Or making one of those photo books with G about how the two of you met and your hopes for the family?